A massively-multiplayer crafting adventure game available now for iPhone/iPad , Windows , Mac (coming soon to Android)

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Platform-ios iOS
Platform-windows Windows Beta
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  • Icon-map Explore worlds

    Find your way through mountains, caves, and ruins filled with danger and reward, or venture into cities built by fellow players.

  • Icon-socialize Play With Friends

    Deepworld is always online in the cloud, so it's easy to hop on and play with your friends! Follow them in-game and easily find them when you play.

  • Icon-build Build Anything

    Mine and craft hundreds of different items with Deepworld's easy inventory system. Place them anywhere in the world to build your dream house!

  • Icon-tree Restore Splendor

    Recover lost pieces of technology to build machines that restore the environment and make your world a more interesting place.

  • Icon-battle Battle Monsters

    Use different weapons and protective devices to fight monsters of the deep, mysterious automatons, and soon, other players!

  • Icon-achieve Achieve Greatness

    Complete objectives to win achievements and earn skill points, which can be used to beef up your character's dexterity, mining ability, and more.

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Buzz about Deepworld

  • Tuaw

    Multiplayer runs brilliantly, which is a feat in itself on iOS... Deepworld is an impressive undertaking, [offering] a really amazing world to experience and conquer.

    TUAW →
  • Toucharcade

    It's pretty cool to be zipping around in Deepworld and run across other people online for some multiplayer shenanigans... I'd definitely recommend checking out the free portion of Deepworld.

    TouchArcade →
  • Touchgen

    I'm really excited to see what three bright-eyed indie developers can pull off with Deepworld.

    TouchGen →

The team behind Deepworld

Mike Laurence

Mike Laurence Developer @mikelaurence

Jason Pearl

Jason Pearl Developer @jsonperl

Quinn Stephens

Quinn Stephens Artist @quinnstephens